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Quote of the Week

“We’re getting into more and more stuff, and it’s time to start the younger guys.”

- Daryl Ferguson  
- on stepping down  
as Rescue chief  


A Fragile Lens- Nathen GallagherI don’t have anything interesting to talk about this week.
That’s a really poor way to start a column, but I figure I might as well be up front with you. This latter half of February has been relatively slow in the news business. So let’s pick through the bones of this week’s news and see what sticks out.
Here’s something. I have to disagree with something said in council (shocking, I know), though at the same time I’m agreeing with a decision they made (non-sarcastic shocking!).
At their February 17 meeting, council looked at possible projects to include in an application to the Building Canada Fund (see story on Page 9). They ultimately settled on infrastructure replacement projects in Blairmore and Bellevue, which I agree with –– but Councillor Cole said that he felt the York Creek green water supply project did not benefit the municipality as a whole, which is a statement I have to take issue with.
Bringing untreated water to the golf course, I would argue, actually benefits the rest of the municipality more than it benefits the golf course.
It’s nothing to the golf course to water their fairways with treated municipal water. They are trying to cut back their water use a little, and to not run their sprinklers during peak hospital hours (it can affect water pressure at the hospital), but it doesn’t really cost them a dime more to use treated water for irrigation.
And make no mistake, the golf course uses a lot of water. Millions of litres of treated water go onto the grass.
... This story is continued in the February 24 issue of the Pass Herald
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