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Quote of the Week

“I’m afraid we’re going to miss out on a great industry. I think we have to try to do everything we can to bring the business community up.”

- Councillor David Cole  
- on the OHV bylaw   


Prompted by correspondance from the Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad, council launched into another debate over the Off Highway Vehicles bylaw on Tuesday, March 10.
The Quad Squad wrote to council, encouraging a more responsible and pro-OHV stance for the community. "Properly promoted," wrote Quad Squad Vice President Dennis Beasley, "the Pass can enjoy two tourist seasons, winter and summer. Now is the time to take the initiative."
Beasley encouraged council to adopt a suggested collector trail system that would allow people to once again ride through designated areas in town to reach the forest. The Quad Squad is also suggesting stronger fines for infractions and OHV seizures, along with other enforcement measures, to make this possible.
Councillors presented several differing opinions on the idea, some in favour and some opposed.
Councillor Gary Taje said that some of the Quad Squad's suggestions make sense, such as speed limits and helmet regulations, but that he doesn't think council should change the bylaw just yet. "I think that's as far as we should go," he said. "We can't swap our bylaws every year."
He said that he feels the Pass is already OHV-friendly, since people can ride within the municipal boundaries except in residential areas. "We just wanted them off into the rural areas," he said. "And it's working. Complaints are down. People are behaving. The people are here, they haven't stopped coming because we changed the bylaw. The best thing we can do is encourage responsible use with the rules we have."
... Read the full story in the March 17th issue of the Pass Herald.
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