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The prevention of crime may seem like a problem that only the police can tackle. But as a community meeting hosted by the local Police Advisory Committee shows, crime prevention requires a community’s involvement in order to have any chance at success.
The meeting, held at the Provincial Building on Wednesday, April 15, featured guest speaker Constable Blaine Stodolka of the Lethbridge Regional Police. Stodolka is also vice-president of the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association, the group he represented at this meeting.
The essential issue in crime prevention, said Sergeant Scott Howard of the Crowsnest Pass RCMP detachment, is that the police cannot do everything when it comes to crime prevention.
“Crime is a community problem,” he said, “and we are the response to that problem. We’re only going to be successful in preventing crime if everyone participates.”
Stodolka told the gathered residents that it takes three things for a crime to happen –– a target, desire, and opportunity. Crime prevention is essentially about eliminating the opportunity.
According to Stodolka, statistics say that 80 percent of people will commit a crime if they have a clear opportunity. This includes everyday offenses such as speeding.
When it comes to crimes such as theft, vandalism, and breaking and entering, said Stodolka, criminals look for the path of least resistance. “The bottom line is, criminals are lazy,” he said. “That’s why they’re criminals.”
Crime can be prevented when criminals are forced to work harder to get into your house, he said, because often they simply won’t bother. On the other hand, if a house appears to be an easy target, a criminal will be more likely to take a look.
A lot of factors go into discouraging crime, and Stodolka suggested a number of simple things about homes and neighbourhoods that either increase or decrease the likelihood of crime.
... For the full story, see the April 21 issue of the Pass Herald.
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