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Quote of the Week
“There was no flare-up or anything that really tested our lines. The burning that was done was all within our containment area.”
- Rick Arthur  
- on the Saddle Mountain   
prescribed fire   


The Livingstone Range School Division has made its decision on school bussing, and the communities of Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, and Claresholm will see big changes in the coming years when it comes to getting kids to school.
On May 12, the Board of Trustees approved the Transportation Review Action Plan for the division. The most striking change for the Crowsnest Pass area is that students living within 2.4 km of their school will no longer receive free school bus transportation.
For the 2009-2010 school year, students within that 2.4 km radius can still access the busses, but only if their family purchases a bus pass. These passes will cost $150 per student for the year, up to a maximum of $250 for a family pass.
After the next school year, those students will no longer be picked up by the busses, and no bus pass will be available.
This decision applies to the Pass, Pincher Creek, and Claresholm, and brings those three communities in line with policies already in place throughout the rest of the school division.
Don Olsen, Associate Superinten-dent Business Services for the division, says that their transportation coordinator is in the process of determining exactly where the 2.4 km boundary from each school will be. The distance will be measured along the roads between the school and the home.
Broadly, however, Olsen says that all of Blairmore will be within 2.4 km of Isabelle Sellon School. Coleman is more complex, he says, but most of it will be within 2.4 km of Horace Allen School and the high school. However, there will be three exceptions to the rule in Coleman.
Anyone living beyond where the pavement ends up the Kananskis Road will receive free bussing, regardless of distance. On Highway 3, anyone living west of the west Coleman access will be bussed regardless. And anyone living west of the bridge on Willow Drive will also be bussed.
When asked if this could create situations where the bus drives all the way down Willow Drive to pick up students, then drives past students on foot as it comes back up the road, Olsen confirmed that this would be the case.
Olsen says that he has talked with several parents since the decision was made, and that most have been understanding. He says that he wants parents to be aware of the implications and know that their children will not be picked up next year without a bus pass if they live within 2.4 km of their school.
He says it is still unknown exactly how much money will be saved for the division by taking this decision, since no one can predict how many parents will choose to buy a bus pass next year. Things will become clearer in 2010, he says, when bus passes will not be available.
In addition, CCHS will move to an 8:35 start time next school year, to coordinate with other high schools in the division. ISS will start at 8:05, and Horace Allen at 9:00. This will lead to changes in the bus schedule, which will be refined for the 2010 school year.
Bus passes for next year can be purchased at the transportation office at ISS, between 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday until the school year ends. The passes will also be available starting August 25 at the same location.
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