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Quote of the Week
“I’ve always had policing in my mind. I’ve never been much of a desk job person.”
- Constable Ryan Di Loreto  
- on his first RCMP   


The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, in partnership with the M.D. of Ranchlands, is taking a fresh crack at combating noxious and nuisance weeds in our valley. On Wednesday, June 10, an open house was held at the new weed control office at the M.D. McEachern to give the community a first look at the new program.
The municipality has hired Kim Lutz as their new weed control officer, and she will be working through the summer to educate the community about noxious and nuisance weeds. The program will be adapted from the Ranchlands policy, which has been acknowledged as generally successful.
Lutz, who has an environmental sciences background and who has worked as a conservation officer with Alberta Parks, says that the goal is to work with all types of land in the municipality, from homeowners to industry, including Trans Canada Pipelines and the Canadian Pacific Railway.
“We really want to get everyone involved,” she says, “so we’re covering our land on a consistent basis.”
The Pass presents a special challenge for weed control, says Lutz. With the local wind, waterways, and a busy highway and railway. The key is to get everyone coordinated, she says, which is why the program will focus heavily on education in this first summer.
At her office on the second floor of the M.D. McEachern, she has a number of weed identification books. The office is open every Wednesday from noon to four, but Lutz will be available for appointments off-hours. She is also available to personally look at private lands to determine what weeds are there and work with the landowners on a strategy to get rid of them.

The weed control program has contracted Valley Vegetation Control Services for the control aspect of their efforts.
Others in the community are joining the effort to control weeds in our community, to keep them from spreading and choking out natural vegetation. Crowsnest Conservation is hosting a weed walk on Thursday, June 18, from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m., meeting at the old Shell gas station site in Frank. George Bloom, Invasive Plant Coordinator for our region with Sustainable Resource Development will be on hand to teach about noxious weeds and how to identify and manage the most common ones found in the Pass.
Crowsnest Conservation and SRD will also be working together for a weed pull on Saturday, June 27, beginning at 10:00 a.m. For more information on either of these, contact the Conservation office at 403-562-8923.
The Alberta Weed Control Act provides the basis for all weed enforcement, and it recognizes three classes of problematic weeds –– restricted, noxious, and nuisance. Restricted weeds are plants the province wants to keep from being established in Alberta; noxious weeds are already established and are to be destroyed where they cause problems; nuisance weeds are problematic, but are very common and impossible to completely eliminate.
Kim Lutz can be reached at 403-563-0236 for more information about weed control. A list of weeds identified in the Weed Control Act can be found online here.
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