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Quote of the Week
“I’ve always had policing in my mind. I’ve never been much of a desk job person.”
- Constable Ryan Di Loreto  
- on his first RCMP   


The Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce held its monthly luncheon at the Crowsnest Centre on Wednesday, June 10. The luncheon featured presentations about the Crowsnest Museum and the community walking trail program, which is moving forward in an exciting way.
Chamber President Lowry Toombs spoke to members about changes to the community’s highway service signs that the Chamber would oversee. Currently, he said, there is one sign on each end of the Pass containing small ads, but no way to tell in which area the business is located. The Chamber, he said, is working to convince the province to allow two service signs for each portion of the community, one at either end of that area. Likely all services, including gas stations, hotels, and other businesses, would be combined onto one sign for each area.
The Crowsnest Museum and the Crowsnest Historical Society, represented by Bruno Sperling, Wendy Zack, and Donna Kubian, gave a presentation on the museum.
Sperling told the Chamber that the museum has roughly 25,000 artefacts on display, and that many again waiting to be organized for future display.
“We need you to come and see it,” he said. “If you have people visiting, send them down. We want to keep the museum alive and open. How we stay afloat, literally, is you people.”
Zack said that on top of their annual fundraisers, such as the Harvest of Memories event or their yearly historic photo calendar, the museum offers many other services, including printing, copying, photo repreduction, and research.
Pat Lundy, who was hired by the municipality to produce a walking trail master plan for the community, presented the results of her and the walking trail committee’s efforts. “I’m thrilled with the whole project,” said Lundy.
... For the full story, see the June 16 issue of the Pass Herald.
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