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Quote of the Week
“Your company has actually raped these valleys. I don’t agree with your logging practices. And for the citizens, I hope they raise holy hell over it.”
- Councillor David Cole  
- on logging and road use 


With log hauling set to recommence in the Atlas Road area in early July, Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) is looking ahead to their next planned harvest, in the McGillivray Creek area. On Tuesday, June 16, Forestry Planner Martin Wilson spoke to council about options for a road use agreement the company hopes to obtain.
SLS, explained Martin, looked at many options for how best to move the logs out of McGillivray once they are harvested. The best option for the company, he said, is to haul the logs out the main MicGillivray Road. As this would bring them past approximately ten residents and possibly cause council to resist a road use agreement, Wilson presented a second option, though SLS does not favour it.
The second option would be to carve a new road between McGillivray Creek and Atlas, along an existing quad trail that would be destroyed. Though the trail would be rebuilt afterward, said Wilson, all curves and contours along it would be permanently erased. This, along with the fact that they have invested $40,000 on this particular trail, has caused the Quad Squad to oppose this option.
In addition, he said, the creation of this road would leave a much larger footprint on the land, and would cost SLS approximately $100,000 extra.
"At this stage," said Wilson, "to me, the only logical route is the main McGillivray Road. It's important for us to be as productive as possible and as cost-effective as possible. Bottom line is it's cheaper for us. It's more cost-effective."
SLS plans to haul 20 to 25 loads of timber per day from McGillivray, between September and early January.
Councillor Gary Taje noted that there will be disruptions either way, to residents or to the Quad Squad, without the level of community benefit that council would like. He noted that Cochrane, where SLS is headquartered, has received a community centre and an economy from their company.
Councillor David Cole said that he would not vote for any road use agreement with Spray Lake. "Your company has actually raped these valleys," he said. "I don't agree with your logging practices. And as for the citizens, I hope they raise holy hell over it."
He added that if an agreement is signed, he would like to see a 15 mile per hour speed limit on all logging trucks using it.
"There would be a zero tolerance in terms of how our trucks behave," said Wilson.
No decision was made at this point, and more dialogue is likely.
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