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Quote of the Week
“The options are obvious. Stay put as we think we have the right to do, or find some suitable alternative, which we don’t believe exists.”
- Allen Wilcke  
- on relocating from the Centre 


Greyhound currently runs two routes through the Crowsnest Pass, one during the day and one during the night. With the company facing economic strain, they are currently considering cutting back to only one night route per day, eliminating the daytime bus that runs from Calgary to Kelowna.
On Friday, June 19, Greyhound held a public meeting at the Blairmore Legion to discuss the proposal. There was no promotion of the event beforehand, but four members of council attended –– John Irwin, Ian MacLeod, Larry Mitchell, and David Cole.
Kimberly Todd, Southern Alberta Agency Manager, and Jasmin Jenvenne, Senior Assistant Operations Manager, were on hand to represent Greyhound. As individuals closer to the effects of the proposed changes, they indicated that they are actually opposed to the idea.
“We know that this is not the best option,” said Todd. “We understand where everyone is coming from. This is just proposed. It’s not set in stone.”
She said that she knows that the majority of seniors will not travel in the night.
Greyhound is proposing to keep the night run because of freight transportation concerns. Freight transport has become the company’s main source of revenue.
“They want to get to a point where they’re making money per mile,” said Jenvenne.
She noted that the final decision will be made by the head office in Dallas, Texas, but that many of the provincial boards are upset about the idea and are opposing it.
She said that Greyhound has taken many steps to attract more riders, including eliminating blackout dates and reducing prices, but their numbers are still low in western Canada.
... For the full story, see the June 30 issue of the Pass Herald.
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