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Quote of the Week
“The options are obvious. Stay put as we think we have the right to do, or find some suitable alternative, which we don’t believe exists.”
- Allen Wilcke  
- on relocating from the Centre 


With the old wing of the Crowsnest Centre scheduled to be closed on August 15, the tenants have been seeking options in the community for a new home. On Tuesday, June 23, at a Committee of the Whole meeting, the local branch of the Air Cadets approached council about moving from the third floor of the Centre to the basement of the Elks Hall.
Commanding Officer Dan Desrosiers said that although the Canadian Forces cover training costs for the Air Cadets, building and insurance costs are up to the individual squadrons.
The Air Cadets received their space at the Centre at no cost, he said, and in exchange the Cadets did work around the building and helped out at certain events. Desrosiers requested that council make the same arrangement for them at the Elks Hall.
The space in the Elks Hall basement would be adequate for their needs, he said
There is 700 square feet of space in the basement, said Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy. At a non-profit group rate, he said, it would come to $234 per month.
Desrosiers said that the Cadets would be willing to do work around the Elks Hall in exchange for waiving the rent costs, and would help out at suitable events.
A general concensus of council agreed that this would be a suitable arrangement, though no formal decision can be made until a regular council meeting.
Councillor Gary Taje and David Cole both agreed that the Air Cadets do a lot for their members, building leadership and responsibility in youth.
“The program has a lot to offer,” agreed Desrosiers. He noted that members have an opportunity to obtain a pilot’s license at no cost, and can experience flying in a glider.
Currently their membership is down, he said, but they plan to do more recruiting to help build it back up in the fall. Lower student populations and negative peer pressure in schools have both harmed attendance, he said.
The Pass Herald checked with two of the other major tenants in the Centre’s old wing, the Chinook Educational Consortium and the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank, to determine how their relocation efforts are proceeding.
Allen Wilcke, Executive Director for the Consortium, says that they have not identified any suitable options yet. “We’re still of the opinion that we have a valid lease,” he says. The Consortium is nearing the end of the first year of a five-year lease.
Wilcke says they have turned the matter over to Lethbridge College for advice and action, and are looking at the legality of the matter.
“The options are obvious,” he says. “Stay put as we think we have the right to do, or find some suitable alternative, which we don’t believe exists.”
Terry Grinevitch, who sits on a committee for the Food Bank looking into relocation, says they have not found anything suitable.
“There’s nothing that’s ready for us to move into,” he says, and adds that everything they’ve looked at is too expensive for their budget.
They have looked at approximately 20 places so far, says Grinevitch, but they have a few more places to look at still. He hopes they will find something within the next couple weeks, but says that it’s not easy to find a place on short notice.
The Food Bank requires a minimum of 1500 square feet, with office, storage, and other space needs.
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