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Quote of the Week
“There is a beautiful result. In the meantime things are held up, there are delays, but they did their best.”
- Inez Feddema  
- on Bellevue road work  


On Tuesday, June 23, the local library board approached council about an issue that will be sure to play a part in next year’s budget discussions –– the need for more maintenance and possible upgrades at the Blairmore Library.
“Please don’t forget about our Blairmore Library,” said board chairperson Darlene McKenna. “I think we’ve been kind of shuffled aside.”
The library board formed a building maintenance committee to examine potential issues at the library in Blairmore, and approached municipal administration with their findings in January. Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy said that some of the routine maintenance issues identified are being taken care of by staff this year, but other things will depend on budget dollars.
McKenna said that the sprinkler system at the library failed in previous years due to a lack of maintenance, and now the librarian moves a sprinkler around the yard instead.
She said they have identified several things in the building that are not compliant or not ideal.
Seniors and disabled individuals cannot access the basement at the Blairmore Library, because there is no elevator. However, said McKenna, people can access the same resources through the Bellevue branch at the M.D. McEachern, where there is an elevator, so they are not certain how important it is to install an elevator in Blairmore.
In addition, she said, it is hard to access the washrooms in Blairmore for someone in a wheelchair.
... For the full story, see the July 7 issue of the Pass Herald.
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