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Quote of the Week
“No, I did not.”
- Councillor John Salus  
- when questioned whether 
or not he divulged confidential 
information to the Pass Herald 


Since receiving an eviction notice on June 19, directing them to leave the Crowsnest Centre by August 15, the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Society has been searching for a new home in the Pass. On Tuesday, July 7, they approached council seeking alternatives, because no new location has been found.
Majella Dortman and Terry Grinovitch, members of the society, spoke on behalf of the Food Bank. Dortman said they have looked at buildings for rent in every corner of the Pass, but have found nothing suitable for their needs. The Food Bank requires at least 1500 square feet of space, with forklift access and both office and food storage and preparation areas.
Dortman said that the Food Bank Society would like to build a structure of their own, since no suitable rental space can be found. She said that if council allowed the Food Bank to use the land where the defunct Blairmore Seniors Centre sits, then the society could fundraise money and seek grants to construct their own building.
For this purpose, Dortman requested that the Food Bank be allowed to stay at the Centre until the new building is finished. She said that they would make efforts to vacate the Centre as soon as possible, but that right now there is nothing else that meets their needs.
“If we can’t stay at the Centre, we will have to close our doors,” said Dortman.
Grinovitch noted that the Food Bank’s lease with the Centre states that they would be given 90 days’ warning before an eviction, but the eviction notice from the municipality arrived with fewer than 60 days to comply.
Councillor Ian MacLeod said that he was disappointed in the Food Bank, noting that the decision to close the old wing of the Centre was made in October of 2008, though no date was set then.
Dortman replied that they have been considering options on an ongoing basis. “We can look all we want,” she said. “If there’s nothing that fits the bill, we could look for three years and still not find a building.”
She said that the Centre serves their needs, but that having their own building would be ideal, if council would allow them to stay at the Centre long enough to get things done.
Councillor Gary Taje said that he feels council should keep the Food Bank at the Centre for another year. “Council should be giving you that time,” he said.
Council passed a motion by Councillor Taje to enter into discussions with the Food Bank about the possiblity of acquiring land.
Councillor Taje made a second motion, to allow the Food Bank to remain at the Centre until alternate accommodations can be found. Councillor Dean Ward moved to table this motion to a future meeting, and the motion to table passed 4-3, Mayor Irwin and Councillors Taje and Mitchell opposed.
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