Tuesday, July 14, 2009  
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Quote of the Week
“No, I did not.”
- Councillor John Salus  
- when questioned whether 
or not he divulged confidential 
information to the Pass Herald 


CNP Live began as a hobby, the brainchild of Pass resident Vyk Harnett, with a single web cam looking out over Blairmore. Over the last two years it has evolved into an ever-growing enterprise with more cameras, information, and pictures featuring the beautiful Crowsnest Pass.
The latest additions to the website, located at www.cnplive.com, are two new image galleries, of the Crowsnest Museum and Wildlife of the Pass. There will be more image galleries going up over time, featuring other aspects of life in the Pass, including a gallery of forest protection efforts and the work of Sustainable Resource Development. More web cams will be going up in the community as well, giving live pictures of different local angles.
CNP Live has recently launched a new section of its business, known as CNP Tech. Harnett has been building up a library of video footage from many different places and events in the Pass. He plans to use the footage to create a “Welcome to Crowsnest Pass” promotional video. Video clips are available for purchase from CNP Tech, and people can contact Harnett for more information.
CNP Live has been growing in popularity, with more than 3500 hits on the website in June alone. The website features more than 550 individual pages of information and images from the community. CNP Live will post public service announcements from non-profit organizations at no charge. Visit the website at www.cnplive.com.
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   Volume 79 - Issue 28 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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