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Quote of the Week
“Throwing a Food Bank
out on the street is
an embarrassment.”
- Councillor Gary Taje  
- on a council decision about 
a Food Bank request 


The immediate future of the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank is in question after council turned down the Food Bank's request to stay in the Crowsnest Centre until they could construct a new building of their own.
The Food Bank has been searching for a new location since they received a letter in June informing them they would have to vacate the old wing of the Centre by August 15. However, they have been unable to find a location that suits their needs or fits within their limited budget.
They proposed that if council allowed them the use of the former Blairmore Senior's Centre land, on 19th Avenue, they would secure grant funding and construct their own building that would meet their needs. In the interim, they requested that they be allowed to stay at the Crowsnest Centre. They indicated to council on July 7 that if they could not stay at the Centre, they would have to shut down.
Councillor Gary Taje made a motion to allow the Food Bank to stay in its present location until it could relocate.
"The Food Bank isn't looking to enter into any debate or argument with council's agenda regarding the Crowsnest Centre," said Councillor Taje. "It only makes sense that we allow the Food Bank to remain in business. Throwing a Food Bank out on the street is an embarrassment."
If council forces the Food Bank out on August 15th, he said, people in the community would not be able to access food. Use of the Food Bank has been increasing since the downturn of the economy.
Councillor Taje said that if he were in the same situation as our residents who need the Food Bank, he would not think highly of anyone in the municipality who forced it to shut down.
Councillor David Cole said that council made the decision to close the Centre's old wing last fall, and that the Food Bank should have been using that time to look harder for a new location. He said that he would not support the motion.
... for the full story, see the July 28 issue of the Pass Herald.
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