Tuesday, July 28, 2009  
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Quote of the Week
“Throwing a Food Bank
out on the street is
an embarrassment.”
- Councillor Gary Taje  
- on a council decision about 
a Food Bank request 


Council's conflict with Spray Lake Sawmills entered a new realm on Tuesday, July 21, as council rejected any road use agreement with the logging company for planned operations in the McGillivray Creek area.
After discussion on the Operational Services committee level, council received a recommendation to approve a road use agreement for the main McGillivray Creek Road. However, Councillor Gary Taje instead made a motion to support a road use agreement for Atlas Road instead. This option would see Spray Lake building a temporary hauling road between McGillivray and Atlas, which would be reclaimed afterward.
Councillor Taje said that council has always tried not to impact residential areas with log hauling agreements, finding alternative routes whenever possible.
A current road use agreement is in place for Atlas Road, but a new one would need to be signed for the new log hauling operation. Councillor David Cole said he had a problem with signing any new agreement with the logging company. "I have a problem with their logging," he said.
Councillor Ian MacLeod expressed a similar sentiment. "Any agreement they make with anyone, they break," he said. "I have no faith in Spray Lake at all. I'll vote against giving them any rights."
Councillor Larry Mitchell said that he also disagrees with their logging practices, but noted that a road use agreement with the municipality essentially has nothing to do with those practices. Councillor Cole argued that if no road use agreement is signed, the logging may be stopped.
... for the full story, see the July 28 issue of the Pass Herald.
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