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Quote of the Week
“We would expect
council to honour their commitments.”
- Lethbridge College  
- official statement 
on the Crowsnest Centre 


On Saturday, August 15, the tenants of the old wing of the Crowsnest Centre –– including the Food Bank and the Chinook Educational Consortium –– were scheduled for eviction from the building by council decision. While this paper’s deadline fell before the actual day, and as of writing we cannot say what will happen, on the eve of the closure the Centre has been preparing for the potential changes and the Chinook Educational Consortium has been holding to its assertion that it has a valid lease in place.
Lethbridge College, one of several post-secondary institutions with a stake in the Consortium, released an official statement about the situation.
“Lethbridge College has a valid lease in place duly signed and executed,” reads the statement. “We would expect council to honour their commitments. To that extent we have advised the college solicitor of our situation and he has been in communications with the [Crowsnest] council regarding this matter. Since then we have heard nothing more and because this could become a legal matter we will not be commenting further at this time.”
Dawn Rigby, manager of the Centre, says that while the short term effects of the old wing closure can be guessed, the long term consequences are harder to judge.
“It doesn’t affect the main hall usage,” says Rigby. She says that almost every event that is currently booked at the Centre for the future can still be fully accommodated, and the Centre currently has bookings into this time next year.
The one booking that will be affected, she says, is the Sikh gathering that takes place every year, as they make extensive use of some rooms in the old wing.
There will of course be changes from the closure of the old wing. “If it does close,” says Rigby, “I will lose my four conference rooms that are down in that wing.” This will make scheduling conferences for groups more difficult, but Rigby says that arrangements can be made in the two smaller conference rooms that will remain.
The lost revenue from the lease tenants in the old wing will also affect the Centre, she says. The argument can be made that this will be offset by the lessened maintenance expenses by no longer having the old wing, but Rigby says she is uncertain if the two will balance out in the Centre’s favour.
She adds that the lease tenants are a steady, year-round source of income, while the hospitality end is somewhat more seasonal, making more revenue in the summer. It will remain to be seen how the loss of these lease tenants will affect the Centre’s economics.
... for the full story, see the August 18 issue of the Pass Herald.
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