Tuesday, August 18, 2009  
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Quote of the Week
“We would expect
council to honour their commitments.”
- Lethbridge College  
- official statement 
on the Crowsnest Centre 


A Fragile Lens- Nathen GallagherWelcome to a super short edition of A Fragile Lens. I’m not certain how I’m going to condense my usual verbosity into such a small space. It’ll be an adventure.
Actually, this week I simply want to thank the people who help me out with my job sometimes, by allowing me to use pictures or by submitting information.
As the only reporter and photographer working for the Pass Herald, I sometimes find myself stretched too far between different events and the unavoidable non-work things that pop up. I’m working on the trick of being in two places at once, but I haven’t yet managed it.
People such as Vyk Harnett of CNP Live and our feature columnist John Kinnear have pulled my bacon out of the fire by taking pictures at different events and allowing the Herald to use them.
Others, too many to name, submit photos or articles or even just information now and then, about things that I otherwise might never have known about or might not have had time to attend myself.
All of this makes the life of a lone reporter easier to live, and I’m grateful for the help.
I can cover a lot of things on my own, but I can’t always cover everything, and the assistance provided by everyone gives a fuller and more complete chronicle of this community’s current events.
And really, that’s what a community newspaper is all about. So thank you.
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   Volume 79 - Issue 33 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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