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Quote of the Week
“We would expect
council to honour their commitments.”
- Lethbridge College  
- official statement 
on the Crowsnest Centre 


Country Encounters Hospitality -- which includes a bed and breakfast, a catering service, and a holiday home all operating in the Crowsnest Pass -- has its roots in one local couple's history in the hospitality industry, and features numerous quality services for events of all sizes.
Dawn and Mark Rigby first started Country Encounters in 1991, in Champion, Alberta, where they operated a hotel. In 1998 they sold the hotel and ended up in the Crowsnest Pass, where they purchased the old Montalbetti hardware building on 17th Avenue Coleman.
Both Mark and Dawn are fully trained chefs, and Dawn worked at Popiel's Restaurant while Mark fixed up the building. Eventually they decided to turn the building into a bed and breakfast, opened their catering business, started a holiday home in Bushtown, and Country Encounters was reborn in the Crowsnest Pass.
Their bed and breakfast in Coleman features three guest rooms, each antique-furnished and styled after a particular historical period. Each room has an en suite bathroom, and there is also a main bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. A guest lounge adjoins the bedrooms, featuring a tv and Internet access, and the rooms are all accessed through a dedicated guest entrance and patio.
The bed and breakfast runs year-round, and has been very active through the summer.
Work n Play
Nathen Gallagher photo
Country Encounters also offers quality catering services to events and functions of all sizes. They have been the in-house caterer at the Crowsnest Centre since 2006, but will also cater to functions outside of the Centre.
They offer menus of all varieties, from basic barbecues to multi-course gourmet meals and everything in between. Country Encounters has catered to events as small as 15 people at a house party to as large as 400 people.
In addition to their bed and breakfast and their catering service, Country Encounters has a self-contained two-bedroom holiday home in Bushtown, across from the Polish Hall. It can be rented out by the day, by the week, and even by the month.
For more information or to book any services with Country Encounters, email Dawn and Mark at dirigby@shaw.ca, or call 403-563-5299.
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