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Quote of the Week
“It’s amazing the amount of pain and misery people were willing to put up with for this.”
- Josh Heisie  
- on a new local movie 
showing at the Orpheum 


On Saturday, August 15, time ran out on the old wing of the Crowsnest Centre as council's chosen eviction date arrived. As the final day came, the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank held a garage sale for their non-food items and then closed their doors for an undetermined amount of time while they seek a new temporary location.
The Chinook Educational Consortium, however, did not leave, and now a legal battle looms between it, its stakeholder post-secondary institutions, and the municipality.
On Tuesday, August 18, after an in-camera session, Councillor Dean Ward made a motion to authorize the municipality's legal counsel to proceed to court in order to have the Educational Consortium evicted from the Crowsnest Centre. The vote was recorded, and was passed by a 4-3 vote –– Councillors Dean Ward, John Salus, Ian MacLeod, and David Cole in favour, Mayor John Irwin and Councillors Gary Taje and Larry Mitchell opposed.
The legal action is estimated to cost $30,000 to $40,000 for the municipality, though actual costs may be more if the proceedings become prolonged.
Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy confirms that the Consortium is still operating from the Crowsnest Centre, as far as he is aware. "They have not vacated it," he says.
Lundy says that he will not authorize shutting down the utilities to the old wing while a tenant still remains, unless he receives a court order to do so.
The Consortium, through Lethbridge College, has issued a statement contending that they have a valid lease to remain at the Centre, and that they hope council will fulfill its obligations under that lease. Four years remain on a five-year lease signed by the Consortium with the Crowsnest Centre Society, which operates the Centre on behalf of the municipality.
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