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Quote of the Week
“It’s amazing the amount of pain and misery people were willing to put up with for this.”
- Josh Heisie  
- on a new local movie 
showing at the Orpheum 


If you haven’t heard much from local filmmaking duo Josh Heisie and Dave Hvizdos in the last year, fear not –– it’s simply because they’ve been up to their necks in blackmail, betrayal, hard-nosed cops, murderous hillbillies, and imaginary dead girls as they wrote, produced, and directed their first feature-length film.
“It Takes Two to Mangle”, the new film, will play at the Orpheum Theatre in Blairmore on Thursday, August 27 at 8:00 p.m. Entrance is by donation, and any money made will go toward entering the movie in film festivals. DVDs of the movie will also be available.
The film is perhaps best described as a horror-comedy, but as usual Heisie and Hvizdos sprinkle their work liberally with styles, references, and inspirations from countless old movies and classic genres. The high quality black and white production runs 85 minutes, and cost them $3000 of their own money to create.
Without spoiling the ending, the story is about a man (Hvizdos) who murders his wife in a fit of greed so that he can seek out a buried fortune of $25,000 that only they know about. After the elevator man (Heisie) discovers his foul deed and blackmails him into taking them both to the money, the two set out on a cross-country oddessy of mistrust, misfortune, and murderous mishaps in search of the buried treasure.
Along the way they encounter a long list of Crowsnest Pass locals who volunteered to take part in the film, including Tim Gillespie as the cop on their trail, Kevin Beech as a deranged hillbilly, and Gavin Carpenter as the poorest of unfortunate souls. The film also stars Maggie Bozek, a theatre student from the University of Lethbridge.
In addition, sharp-eyed watchers will spot cameo appearances from locals, including Fred Bradley, Diane Peterson, Ian MacLeod, and more.
... for the full story, see the August 25 issue of the Pass Herald.
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