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Quote of the Week
“It’s amazing the amount of pain and misery people were willing to put up with for this.”
- Josh Heisie  
- on a new local movie 
showing at the Orpheum 


Council held its final debate on the proposed enhanced policing position on Tuesday, August 18, and in the end voted against formally entering into an agreement with the RCMP.
The enhanced policing position would have been a fully trained RCMP officer with a police vehicle, enforcing bylaws in the community that fall under the criminal code –– such as traffic offences, noise complaints, OHV infractions, littering, and liquor offences, along with performing community education.
The position would not enforce community standards or long grass bylaws, and this proved the sticking point with council.
Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy again recommended that council approve the enhanced position.
The municipality has had trouble keeping a bylaw officer over the last three years. Lundy said that community standards was a very minor part of daily duties for the bylaw officers.
Sergeant Scott Howard was on hand for the discussion as well. He said that he was fine whichever way council wanted to go, but added that having a bylaw officer puts a lot of extra supervisory burden on Gordon Lundy, whereas an enhanced officer would be supervised by the RCMP.
“I suggest to you that he’s spending his eight hours already,” said Howard, of Lundy.
Councillor Dean Ward said that the municipality needs to solve its bylaw officer issue, but that he didn’t believe this was the right solution.
... for the full story, see the August 25 issue of the Pass Herald.
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