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Quote of the Week
“When we first decided to get married, we never planned on going for any marathon or endurance record. We just wanted to be together.”
- Larry Erickson  
- on 65 years of marriage 


Students in the Crowsnest Pass were scheduled to arrive back in schools and hit the books on Monday, August 31, and all three local schools have spent the summer preparing for the challenges and opportunities of a brand new year.
This year marks the beginning of a new three-year planning cycle for schools in the division, and will see changes or new focuses at local schools.
At Horace Allen School, teachers will be in for slightly different challenges than usual, as all of the staff has been rotated around throughout the grades.
“Every teacher’s in a new grade this year,” says Elaine Garner, Acting Principal. “It was a big move, it was a big decision.” The goal, she says, is to help everone understand the curriculum better by seeing what students are learning in other grades. This should also help build more accurate assessments, she says.
Horace Allen’s three-year focus will again be on literacy. “We want to ensure students leave Grade Three as strong readers,” says Garner.
The school is also adding new staff this year. Mary Crowther is the new Grade One teacher, taking over because Garner will be acting as principal instead of teaching. Jaime Reeve is the new Art teacher, Nathan Hamilton will teach music both there and at the high school, and Brandie Fast will be a half-time Kindergarten teacher, along with Becky Pichurski.
At Isabelle Sellon School, the new three-year main focus will be student engagement. Assistant Principal Paul Pichurski says that the goal is to get students of all ability levels more enthusiastic about the things they are studying.
To accomplish this, ISS will be taking a more community-based approach to education. Pichurski says they intend to take advantage of the many cultural, historical, and other resources in our community to engage students.
In addition, he says, the school is assessing its policies toward technology, such as iPods, cell phones, blogs, and hand-held technology, to see if the current policies are holding back student learning in some areas.
The staff at ISS will be the same as last year, with two new support staff joining the team –– Kelly Williams and Jan Rolston.
... for the full story, see the September 1 issue of the Pass Herald.
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