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Quote of the Week
“The more glitter this place gets, the more money will come to it. When a film comes to town it drops a hundred grand a week.”
- Dan Stoddart  
- on local film interest 


On Wednesday, September 2, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board handed down its decision on the subdivision appeal for the Gold Creek development.
The appeal board decided to uphold the appeal from Livingstone Ventures, allowing the 84-acre property north of Frank to be subdivided into 25 country residential parcels ranging in size from three to four and a half acres.
The decision included several conditions that the developer will have to abide by, and are listed as follows:
1) All outstanding property taxes will be paid to the municipality.
2) The developer must enter into a development agreement to accommodate future servicing with the municipality.
3) ATCO Gas requires a utility right of way.
4) Any conditions of AltaLink must be met before finalization.
5) A Historical Resources Impact Assessment must be prepared that is satisfactory to Alberta Historical Resources.
6) A legal means of access to the subdivision must be registered concurrently with the final plan.
7) A pedestrian walkway must be incorporated into the plan to provide access to the east part of the subdivision.
8) The developer must register a detailed set of architectural controls by way of a restrictive covenant. The controls must address, but are not limited to, FireSmart regulations, BearSmart regulations, wildlife mitigation measures, and open spaces within the subdivision.
The final, somewhat open-ended condition appears designed to help meet some of the concerns brought forward by residents and local organizations during the appeal hearing, which was held on August 20.
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