Tuesday, September 8, 2009  
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Quote of the Week
“The more glitter this place gets, the more money will come to it. When a film comes to town it drops a hundred grand a week.”
- Dan Stoddart  
- on local film interest 


A Fragile Lens- Nathen GallagherIf you pick up the Pass Herald on September 15 or September 22 and don’t see my name on all the stories, don’t panic –– it’s vacation time for your friendly neighbourhood reporter.
I’m not actually going anywhere this year. After my vacation last year resulted in the death and loss of my car, this year I’m just going to stick close to home and go for a less expensive brand of relaxation.
I’ve agreed to continue covering council during my vacation, apparently because I’m a glutton for punishment, so you’ll still see my name on some stories in the coming issues. But I won’t be out and about doing my regular reporter work.
For that, I will leave you in the hands of my coworker, Lisa Sygutek, who plans to take my place for the two weeks. She’ll be the one to talk to if you have any events or stories that could use some local coverage. Just pretend she’s me and I’m sure it’ll go fine.
Our inestimable editor, Buddy Slapak, will also be helping cover my absence with his photography expertise.
My own plans for this vacation include such exciting events as sleeping in, going for walks, and the always-risky spending some time with my family.
I might even get really crazy and do some lounging about. No promises.
I’ll be back near the end of the month, refreshed, rejuvinated, relaxed, restored, and ready to roll right back into my regular routine –– which as you can see is mostly about coming up with alliterative sentences. Not every job comes with that perk, so I have to take full advantage of it.
With any luck these will be the two most calm, peaceful weeks in recent Crowsnest history and my absence won’t even be noticed.
But with the way my luck seems to run sometimes, I’ll be one day into my vacation and there will be an armed revolution, Turtle Mountain will fall, a student at the high school will invent a cure for cancer, aliens will land in the mayor’s yard, and I’ll miss my chance for a dozen prestigious awards all in one shot.
I bet the sleeping in will be so good I won’t even regret it.
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   Volume 79 - Issue 36 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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