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Quote of the Week
“The $75,000 Federal Grant money has been earmarked towards a committee interested in the adaptive restoration of the Historic Coleman Collieries Tipple.”
- Shar Lazzarotto  
- Economic Development  


Conditions at MDM Facility force leaders to cancel event
Since the creation of the Crowsnest Pass Health Foundation in 1997, over one million dollars has been raised through donations, money that has gone directly back into our local hospital.
As a way of giving back to the community the Health Foundation planned an event called ‘Thanks a Million’.
Ticket holders were to have an evening of dancing, live entertainment by the Chevelles, dinner and a live and silent auction.
The event has been in the works for over a year and was slated to sell out on September 19.
On Thursday, September 14, organizers met at the venue in preparation for the fundraiser. Unfortunately, according to Donna Bier, “several factors both outside and inside the facility caused us safety concerns to the point where we felt we had no choice but to cancel the event”.
Donna said that due to the extensive construction on the road leading to the facility board members had a hard time finding out how to get to the site. “If we couldn’t find our way due to poor road conditions and signage, how are outside people even going to find out where it is”, stated Bier.
Another contributing factor to the cancellation of the event was the fact that the facility, Thursday prior to the event, would have its water shut off for repairs of the water main.
“We were told that the water would only be off for one day, but what if there were problems,” said Bier. “People at the venues can’t use potable water and port-a-potties.”
Sound was also an issue with the facility as the acoustic panels in the facility have not been installed. Bier worried that without barriers the sound in the gymnasium would be poor.
According to Bier the organization has lost over $1000 as a result of the cancellation. “The Chevelles were very gracious for giving us our deposit, or we could easily have been out over $2000”.
Cam Mertz, Recreation Director said that it is unfortunate that the event had to be cancelled. “We tried to have the acoustic panel put up through volunteers, however, they are too heavy for them to lift and bolt to the concrete walls.”
Mertz explained that the municipality will now have to pay a contractor to install the panels and, “that’s not in the budget right now”, he stated.
Mertz did tell the Herald that the Health Foundation can apply to council for compensation for lost revenue from the event.
According to Bier, “Presently the Health Foundation has no plans to re-schedule the event”.
Bier’s hope is that the organization will not lose volunteers members on the board as a result of this experience.
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