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Quote of the Week
“We’re confident our actions have resulted in no impact to the lake.”
- Scott Arndt  
- on ATCO Pipelines   
Crowsnest Lake project   


The Crowsnest Consolidated High School celebrated its highest academic achievers from the 2008-09 school year at their annual awards ceremony, held at the high school on Saturday, September 26. In total, more than $40,000 in scholarships were handed out, many sponsored by local individuals, families, and organizations.
The following is a complete list of awards and their recipients.
Top Grade 10 students
1st - Evan Rothlin
2nd - David Jungert
3rd - Brenah Tremblay and Aurora Wood
Top Grade 11 students
1st - Madeline Neufeld
2nd - Matthew Heisie
3rd - Chad Mahieux
Top Grade 12 students
1st - Carolyn Caron
2nd - Ben Campbell
2nd - Meredith Doyle
3rd - Sheridin Kuta
4th - Emelia Laughlin
5th - Olek Janusz
French Awards
French 10 - Evan Rothlin
French 20 - Madeline Neufeld
Band Awards
Grade 10 - Evan Rothlin
Grade 11 - Kate Putzi-Perrault
Grade 12 - Olek Janusz
Art Awards
Art 10 - Megan Clarke
Art 20 - Alicen Montalbetti
Art 30 - Tim Gillespie
Food Studies Awards
Food Studies 10 - Megan Clarke
Food Studies 20 - Kailey Currier
Food Studies 30 - Amber Dhillon
Career & Technology Awards
Construction/Fabrication - David Slupsky and Brandon Moser
Communication & Design - Matthew Heisie and Ben Gopp
Jerome Rejman Leadership Scholarship - Kaitlyn Johnston
Sunny Sharma Memorial Citizenship Award - Amelia Caron
Literacy Awards
Crowsnest Pass Literacy Foundation Award - Sheridin Kuta, Emelia Laughlin, and Kayla Marra
Peer Tutor Award - Evan Rothlin, Kate Putzi-Perrault, Charlotte Wigle, Madeline Neufeld, Sheridin Kuta, Emelia Laughlin, and Kayla Marra
Grade 12 Achievement
Governor-General Medal - Ben Campbell
French 30 - Carolyn Caron
English 30-1 - Meredith Doyle
English 30-2 - Zach Girard
Mathematics 30 Pure - Ben Campbell
Mathematics 31 - Sheridin Kuta
Mathematics 30 Applied - SHaun Lonsbury
Social Studies 30 - Meredith Doyle
Social Studies 33 - Justine Doucette
Chemistry 30 - Meredith Doyle
Biology 30 - Carolyn Caron and Meredith Doyle
Physics 30 - Ben Campbell
Science 30 - Hadyn Tremblay
Education Scholarships
Audrey Bonne Memorial (Academic) - Carolyn Caron
Roy Whitehouse Memorial - Mallorie Friesen, Anna Dexter, and Paige Kuta
CUPE Local 2133 Award - Amanda Priest
CUPE Local 812 Award - Kayla Marra
Courtney Weigum Memorial - Kayla Marra
Evan Gushul Scholarship - Nolan Waldner
Reimer Construction Award - Darren Milley and Joey Gibos
Science/Engineering Technology Scholarship - Nolan Waldner
John Day Memorial - Victoria Primrose
Livingstone Range School Division Academic Award - Ben Campbell
Curtis Bailey Memorial - Sheridin Kuta
Dr. Vinge & Dr. Mann Optometric Clinic Scholarship in Science - Nolan Waldner
Eugene Fabro Academic Scholarship - Sheridin Kuta
Kenney Family Academic Scholarship - Hadyn Tremblay
Kenney Family General Academic Scholarship - Jessica Poch
CCHS Bruce Kutcher Academic Scholarship - Carolyn Caron
Dr. Kay Kerr Scholarship - Jessica Poch
Audrey Bonne Memorial (Science) - Meredith Doyle
Bill Fukami Memorial - Jessica Poch and Jordan Sciarra
Murray Capron Memorial Athletic Scholarship - Hayley Strandquist and Jordan Sciarra
Clark and Jane Goodwin Athletic Award - Jordan Sciarra
Stewart Schlender Memorial - Jordan Sciarra
Devon Jackson Memorial - Emelia Laughlin and Dillon Cole
NIT Intercultural Award - Anna Dexter and Hadyn Tremblay
Union Local 835 Vocational/Technical Scholarship - Joey Gibos and Darren Milley
Elmer and Vivian Strandquist Scholarship (Engineering) - Ben Campbell, Emelia Laughlin, and Meredith Doyle
Janet and Horace Allan Scholarship - Carolyn Caron
ENMAX Environmental Scholarship - Emelia Laughlin
Alexander Rutherford Alberta Heritage Scholarship - Ben Campbell, Carolyn Caron, Meredith Doyle, Sheridin Kuta, Emelia Laughlin, and Kayla Marra
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