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Quote of the Week
“I’m very disappointed in the division in the way they handled this.”
- Richard Milford  
- on school bussing   


Things are looking up for both the people and the fuzzy animals at the Crowsnest Pass SPCA, as the expansion of their facility in Hillcrest is now complete, with more space and more comfort for everyone on two legs and on four.
The facility has expanded to the west, into a section of land that the municipality gave them permission to use. The new section of the building has allowed them to create a better, more formal office space, along with new amenities for cats and vastly improved kennels for dogs.
Previously the dog kennels were located in a small sheltered area outside the building. Though dogs were kept as comfortable as possible, the kennels were exposed to the elements when temperatures dropped.
The new, expanded kennel area features both a fenced outdoor area for each dog, connected by a dog flap to an indoor area with a bed.
Each individual kennel also connects to an indoor hallway where dogs can get exercise when the weather is bad, without anyone having to go out into the cold or snow.
There are five individual indoor-outdoor kennels, and surveillance has been installed to keep an eye on it.
The cats, in addition to gaining more breathing room, are also now able to access a fenced portion of the old dog kennels, as their own personal outdoor play area.
"I'm really happy about it," says Lee Potts, with the local SPCA. She adds, however, that more space will mean more cleaning, and that they might need more volunteers to help out in the future.
... for the full story, see the October 13 issue of the Pass Herald.
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