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Quote of the Week
“If we don’t manipulate the forest, it’ll be manipulated.”
- Tim Juhlin  
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Reaching 90 years of age is tough, and turning 90 may be even harder, but Kay Kerr, in her usual high spirits, celebrated the age in style on Saturday, October 10, surrounded by family and friends of all ages at the Blairmore Legion.
Roughly 100 people attended the celebration, coming from far and wide to honour this lady who is an ally and friend to some, and a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or great-grandmother to others.
"So many people came," said Kerr, who was busy all day greeting her visitors. "It's just been such a lovely party."
If a person can be judged by those who speak highly of them, then the guest list at the birthday party speaks for itself. In addition to many family members and old friends, the party was attended by Bill Kay, President of the University of Lethbridge, by former MLAs Dave Coutts and Fred Bradley, current MLA Evan Berger, MP Ted Menzies, and Mayor John Irwin.
"She's contributed a lot to the community, both financially and through leadership," says Mayor Irwin, noting Kerr's support for many local endeavours over the years. "Her charity and her generosity to others, I think is unequalled."
Kay Kerr is likely best known as the inventor of the Kentucky Fried Chicken gravy. She developed a new recipe that cut down the time of making KFC-style gravy from 30 minutes to two minutes, and got to meet Colonel Sanders himself. The Kerr family owned KFC franchises throughout the area.
She and her husband, Jack, also helped develop the Turtle Mountain Playgrounds in the early 1940s, combining a restaurant, a dance hall, and a swimming pool. The swimming lessons offered at the pool taught many Pass residents how to swim for the first time.
They also built the Turtle Mountain Hotel in Frank, and Kay's financial efforts have helped establish the Chinook Educational Consortium in the community.
"They did it the right way," says Mayor Irwin, of the Kerr family's business efforts. "They didn't do it on the backs of anyone else. These are the sorts of things she believed in, and she up and did them."
In between her business ventures and her culinary invention, Kay Kerr became involved in politics. She served as a secretary for John Diefenbaker as a young girl, and went on to become a passionate Conservative. She worked through the years to raise money for Conservative political candidates in the area and in Alberta, and was involved in the campaigns of Peter Lougheed and Joe Clark, among others.
"I've always had the greatest respect for this lady," said Ted Menzies, MP for Macleod. He recalled the many stories he heard from Kay over the years. He presented her with an official certificate of congratulations.
"She's been a visionary in many different aspects of her life," said Fred Bradley. "Kay, you're a very special lady. You've been a tremendous person in our community."
Dave Coutts also expressed his admiration, after working together in politics with her for many years. "You make things happen," he said. "The relationships we build make our country, our province, and our community. Thanks for being the great inspiration you are."
Current Livingstone-Macleod MLA Evan Berger thanked Kay on behalf of the people of the constituency and the people of Alberta, for everything she's done.
Through all the congratulations and excitement of the day, Kay herself was happiest that so many different parts of her family and friends had been able to come together and meet, some of them for the first time. When it came time to cut the birthday cake, she first removed all of the icing-flowers on top, and gave one to each of her great-grandchildren.
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