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Quote of the Week
“If the private meetings between councillors continue, the matter should be referred to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for an inspection/inquiry of council.”
- George B. Cuff  
- regarding the municipal   
review of council   


Right now at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, you are invited to experience the narrative emotion in the work of local artist Karen Tamminga-Paton. Her solo show, titled Sigh, opened on October 17, and will be on display until November 16.
The show features acrylic paintings done in one of two major styles -- one focusing on the human figure, and one featuring more abstract art. The unifying theme for the show, says Tamminga-Paton, is a focus on the things that make her sigh, whether through wonder, through sadness, through mystery, or through the process of letting go.
With her own children growin up, she says, there is definitely a focus on the emotion of letting go, which is evident in her artwork.
She was inspired toward this theme after listening to Louise Costigan-Kerns perform on the piano in the Crowsnest Pass.
"I thought, I want to paint that," she says. "I want to name a show after that."
The artist also adds that every piece attempts to represent an idea in a narrative fashion, with something happening in all of them. "I always hope the viewer will bring 50 percent of the story into the painting," she says. "I make a suggestion, but I hope the viewer can complete it."
After looking at this solo local display, area art lovers should keep their eye out for the next show at the Art Gallery, the annual Christmas tree display. This show will feature trees decorated artistically by local businesses and organizations, each with a unique personal touch, and will open in late November.
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