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Quote of the Week
“If the private meetings between councillors continue, the matter should be referred to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for an inspection/inquiry of council.”
- George B. Cuff  
- regarding the municipal   
review of council   


It has taken more than two years of brainstorming, public meetings, information gathering, and hard work to pull off, but it has all been worth the effort to the Crowsnest Conservation Society, who are unveiling the completed version of ther Stewardship for Sustainability brochure.
The process, started by Crowsnest Conservation more than two years ago as a way to get people talking about issues that were important to them, has been community-driven from start to finish. From that first meeting, the most common issues were identified and featured in three public workshops where local residents learned more about them and discussed how these issues could affect the Pass in the future.
The three main issues were wildlife, sustainable development, and the future of Highway 3. After the public discusions about these issues, Crowsnest Conservation worked to compile the gathered information in a brochure that is now available to everyone.
The brochure was officially unveiled at the Chamber of Commerce After Hours event on Wednesday, October 28. Approximately 50 people managed to fit into the office area shared by the Crowsnest Conservation Society and the Chamber of Commerce, there to make business connections as members of the Chamber and to get a first look at the brochure.
"It's a community initiative," says Jenice Smith, Program Manager for the society. "This brochure focuses on engaging our community to preserve the aesthetic, ecological, and cultural character of the place we call home."
Local resident Erin Arthur was hired to write the brochure, and images from local photographers were used throughout, cementing its place as a local creation. Photographers featured include Merilyn Liddell, Bob Pisko, Bjorn Prenzel, David McIntyre, Jeff Smith, and Raymond Toal.
After creating a draft of the brochure, Crowsnest Conservation invited stakeholders to a review before printing 5000 copies of the final result.
The brochure will be mailed to all local residents who allow flyers in their mail boxes -- so keep an eye out for it, and don't throw it out by accident. The brochure is also available at the municipal office in Coleman, at the Crowsnest Conservation office next to the Royal Bank in Blairmore, and at local realtor offices. An electronic copy will also be available online, at www.crowsnestconservation.ca.
"The feedback we've received is very positive," says Smith. "It's very exciting to present the community's ideas on these issues. We've put so much work into it."
Major funding for the project was received through the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, along with casino funds from Alberta Liquor and Gaming.
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