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Quote of the Week
“It makes us very proud. Hard and steady work is what it was.”
- Vern Pedersen  
- on the award won by the   
Crow Snow Riders   


Every year, branches of the Royal Canadian Legion across the country accept poems and posters related to Remembrance Day. Winning entries at each level are sent to the next level, until one entry in each category is eventually chosen as the national winner.
This year, the national winner in the senior poem category was penned by Hailey Cervo, a 17-year-old student in Nobleford. Hailey is the granddaughter of Brian Cervo, a Crowsnst Pass resident who recently passed away.
Brian was planning to travel to Ottawa with Hailey on Remembrance Day, to be with her when she read the poem out loud at the national ceremony. Unfortunately, he passed away only three weeks before the ceremony took place.
The poem is reprinted here in its entirity, with permission from the Royal Canadian Legion. It was read aloud at the November 11 assembly at the Crowsnest Consolidated High School by District 6 Commander Gary McLean.

Living In His Shadow
by Hailey Cervo

I would not know you by
Your sober bloodstained face.
I could not know your smile,
Your scent, your clothes, your place.
I know not the name
Of your grieved, forsaken wife
Yet I’ve lived in your shadow,
My entire life.

Each step I take, each uttered word,
I feel your presence there,
When I pray and mourn lives lost,
I sense you in the air.
I’m living in your shadow,
Free from any threat or thrall,
I’m thankful you have cast one,
So that I can live at all.

If not for you the blackest nights
Would stifle any rest,
There would be no beating of heart,
No moving of my chest.
Your life, your soul was thine to give
And freely that you gave.
Head held high you faced despair
Wave upon mighty wave.

You had courage, you had fire
But by God’s mighty hand,
You were taken from your loved ones
And from mortal land.
My love runs deep for you
And I never shall forget,
You are my soldier angel,
And I am in your debt.

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