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Quote of the Week
“Administration is recommending a mutual agreement be developed so we can bring this to a conclusion.”
- CAO Gordon Lundy  
- on sorting out the   
Crowsnest Centre   


As time winds down on the Crowsnest Centre Society's time with the facility, council has voted to work with the society to sort out the equipment and inventory within the Centre so that services can continue. Though the final fate of the Centre is not known, the municipality also released notes taken at council's November 8 retreat where they discussed the facility's future.
The Centre Society informed council in the latter half of November that they needed to clear off their debt, and wished to use inventory within the Centre that belongs to them in order to accomplish this. They offered the municipality first right of refusal to purchase any equipment in the building, which includes the kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, beds, office equipment, and more.
Community Services Director Cam Mertz presented council with several options at their December 1 meeting, including a recommended course of action, to consults with the society to mutually come to an understanding as to what items of inventory could stay, in an effort to support continuation of services.
Mertz said that the municipality could broker an exchange with the society, whereby the municipality would potentially clear off the society's debts in exchange for the equipment the municipality wanted to continue services at the Centre.
"Administration's preference is to work with the society," said CAO Gordon Lundy. "Administration is recommending a mutual agreement be developed so we can bring this to a conclusion."
Another option, said Mertz, would be to lock up the building and use legal counsel to determine what belonged to the society and what belonged to the municipality.
Councillor David Cole noted that council previously committed to honouring all current bookings, so locking the doors wasn't an option. He said he has no problem working with the society, and wanted to determine whether or not everything in the building was the society's property.
Mertz assured council that administration would request full disclosure from the society.
Councillor Larry Mitchell made a motion to accept administration's recommended course of action.
"I support the motion, but they have to be honest," said Councillor Ian MacLeod. He said that it was the right motion at that time.
Council approved the motion by a 6-1 vote, Councillor John Salus opposed.
The society has laid off all of its employees due to its financial situation, though events are still going ahead, as caterer Country Encounters is continuing to provide catering services. The municipality has been doing regular site inspections.
Council was also faced with the need to pay off the Centre's outstanding phone bill. Director of Finance Marion Vanoni informed council that she had been mistaken at the last council meeting, when she told council that the municipality was not required to cover that bill.
... for the full story, see the December 8 issue of the Pass Herald.
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