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Quote of the Week
“Vandalism is a crime of opportunity. Very few of these acts are premeditated. The point of a curfew is to limit those opportunities.”
- Constable Ryan Di-Loreto  
- on methods to curb   


After being the exclusive provider of municipal advertising since June of 2009, the Crowsnest Pass Herald will not be carrying municipal advertising in 2010, as council has voted to award next year's advertising solely to the Herald's competitor, the Pass Promoter.
The Promoter submitted the lowest bid per full page of advertising, though other aspects of the two newspapers' bids were markedly different. As the Pass Herald has a significantly larger print space per page, its bid was in actuality 17 cents less per square inch than the Promoter's.
In addition, while the Pass Herald guaranteed its bid price for up to two full pages of advertising, the Promoter's bid upped the price to their regular rates––nearly five times their bid rate––for additional 1/4-page or 1/8-page advertisements that the municipality would run.
However, the two papers were asked by the municipality to submit a mock-up of several ads, and the Promoter fit all of the mock ads into a single full page, utilizing different design choices that featured smaller fonts and tighter spacing. The Promoter's submitted mock-up page was fit into a page that was 10 square inches larger than their actual newspaper.
At the council meeting on Tuesday, December 15, Councillor Dean Ward said that the job at the end of the day is to get the information out, and that it doesn't matter how good or bad the municipal advertisements look.
Councillor Ian MacLeod agreed, saying, "Nobody cares how pretty it is, just as long as they can read it."
Councillor Larry Mitchell said that he could not support either paper's bid, because the municipality was asking them to bid on two different things due to the size difference of the pages. He said that council should re-tender the advertising contract using a fairer bid method that states the exact size of the ads to be bid on.
He made the analogy to asking contractors to submit a bid on the price of a vehicle for the municipality, where one contractor was asked to give a price for a smaller vehicle than the other. With such a size difference, he said, it would be easier for the contractor bidding on the smaller vehicle to submit a lower price.
Councillor Ward made the motion to award the advertising contract to the Promoter. The motion passed by a 5-1 vote, Councillor Larry Mitchell opposed. Councillor Gary Taje was absent from the meeting.
Buddy Slapak, Editor of the Pass Herald, has written about this issue and the newspaper's response to it in this week's editorial, available on Page 6. He notes that the Pass Herald will continue to give full local coverage to municipal news and events, will continue to employ local individuals, and will continue to provide affordable advertising to local groups, businesses, and individuals in the Crowsnest Pass. The Herald, he says, will also keep its current office hours to provide convenient advertising services for the community.
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