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Quote of the Week
“Vandalism is a crime of opportunity. Very few of these acts are premeditated. The point of a curfew is to limit those opportunities.”
- Constable Ryan Di-Loreto  
- on methods to curb   


With the chips all fallen on the 2010 budget, the municipality has chosen to shift in a new direction when it comes to usage of their two arenas, the Sports Complex and the Albert Stella.
Cam Mertz, Director of Community Services, invited arena user groups to a meeting on Tuesday, December 15, to review the new plan for 2010 and explain how his department came to their conclusions and, based on those conclusions, recommended to council that no ice be placed in the Albert Stella next year.
The meeting was attended by representatives from several arena user groups––Joey Ambrosi for lacrosse, Rory Snider for hockey, Toni and Dave Gfrerer for indoor soccer, and Irene Fraser for figure skating.
Mertz indicated that overall ice usage at the two arenas has been steadily declining over the last five years, from 1730 hours in the 2004/05 ice season down to 1147 hours in 2008/09. This was fewer total hours between both arenas than hours booked just in the Sports Complex in 04/05.
Mertz said that the cost of running the Albert Stella with ice in it is approximately $14,000 per month, while the cost of running it with the current indoor turf, secured and installed earlier this year, is approximately $8100 per month, and the cost of letting the building sit empty would be approximately $6000 per month.
"We didn't want to abandon the facility," said Mertz of the Albert Stella. "We didn't want to just shut it down."
... For the full story, see the December 22 issue of the Pass Herald.
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