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Quote of the Year
“I’m proud to be from Crowsnest Pass, and I want everyone else to be proud.”
- Joey Ambrosi  
- on receiving the Order of   
Crowsnest Pass   
October 22, 2009


The weather was about as cold as Crowsnest weather can get, but a ten-day movie shoot in Coleman and the surrounding area was successful, and opens up more continuing opportunities to promote the community for future film projects.
"Waska", a relatively small budget film featuring some well-known actors –– including Thomas Dekker, Jeremy Piven, Kate Walsh, and Mira Sorvino –– is being primarily filmed in Calgary. It is the story of a man who faces the judgment of his community after his young son freezes to death on a fishing trip.
Pass resident Randall Whiteside took part in the production from two different angles, and got an inside view on the filming.
Whiteside was first introduced to the project by former resident Dan Stoddart, helping with some location scouting for the crew. Whiteside continued working with the crew as they came to the Pass, helping their locations department, doing traffic control with them in Coleman, and even trying his hand at some acting as a deputy sherrif. The role contained no speaking lines, but quite a bit of acting in an important scene. Whiteside, who had no acting experience, says it was a lot of fun.
"The people were fantastic," he says. "The cast and crew were amazing to hang around with for the better part of two weeks."
Whiteside says that actors Thomas Dekker and Joseph Morgan told him that when they first got here, in the -25 degree weather, they couldn't understand why anyone would live here –– but by the time they were done, after experiencing the community and the scenery of the outlying areas, they completely understood.
"They were amazed by the scenery and the mountains," says Whiteside. "Everyone let me know they had a great time here."
He adds that having a film crew in town like that can be great for the local economy. "These people will go out of their way to support local businesses. They take a lot of pride in helping out the community, especially when the community embraces them."
Whiteside was subsequently asked by someone in the production to write a letter to the MLA and the Premier in support of the movie industry in Alberta. He intends to write the letter, indicating how the film benefited the local economy. He hopes to keep working on the community's behalf with projects such as this, and he says that there are a lot of things the community can do to help attract more such projects.
When the filming was finished, the crew and some of the actors held their wind-up party at the Tin Roof in Blairmore, owned by Whiteside and Tara Blair. They filled the restaurant completely, says Whiteside, and had a fun time.
"Tara and I were really proud to be able to host that for them," he says.
The community was very welcoming to the film crew and the actors, says Whiteside, and it was a great place for them to hang out in.
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