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Quote of the Week
“Traditionally, Rescue has always been working in conjuction with the ambulance. We’re all in favour of helping out whenever we can.”
- Rescue Chief  
Michael Taje  
- on formalizing medical   


The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are fast approaching, and the Olympic torch that has been making its way across the country is nearing its goal. While the torch will not be passing through either Crowsnest Pass or Pincher Creek this time around, two locals have been given the opportunity to run with the torch, one in Lethbridge and one in Cranbrook.
Alisha Janiga, who is currently attending school in Lethbridge, was scheduled to run with the torch on Sunday, January 17. She received the opportunity after entering an online contest in which she had to write an essay. Her essay about recycling and taking care of the environment, along with her continuing involvement in swimming, won her the chance to run 300 metres with the torch on 20th Street South in Lethbridge.
"I'm very excited," says Janiga. "My friends are even more excited than I am." She hoped for big crowds to turn out to see the torch go through Lethbridge.
From Lethbridge the torch will go to Fort Macleod and turn north toward Calgary. It will make its way through Banff National Park and to Golden, in B.C. The torch will then travel south to Cranbrook, at which point it will be transported to Elkford and will then start heading west again.
Thus, while the torch will pass within an hour of the Crowsnest on either side, local residents will have to travel if they want to see the torch on its way to Vancouver.
Another Pass resident will pick up the torch to the west of us. Jude Ewashen won the opportunity through her employer, Teck Coal, after answering a questionnaire about environmental safety and recycling, which was entered into a draw.
On Friday, January 22, at around 6:00 p.m., she will run with the torch through part of Cranbrook, B.C., as the torch travels south from Golden and before the torch is sent to Elkford.
"I'm getting really excited," she says. "It's going to be really fun. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm really looking forward to it."
Teck is a large sponsor of the 2010 Olympics, and provided the metals that go into crafting the gold, silver, and bronze medals handed out at the Games. Teck is purchasing the torches that its employees are running with, and the employees get to keep the torches after the run.
The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver will run from February 12 through February 28. The torch relay began on October 30, 2009, and will cover a total distance of over 45,000 km, most of it by vehicle. Torch bearers will cover approximately 3600 km in total on foot.
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