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Quote of the Week
“As I’ve been route planning to the west it’s been really exciting. It’s a very scenic part of the trail and I’m excited for the community to use it.”
- Jenice Smith  
- on making the community   
trail a reality   


The community walking trail, connecting all of our residential areas from the Leitch Collieries to the Travel Alberta centre near Crowsnest Lake with a single, unifying path, is well underway, and Trail Coordinator Jenice Smith is excited about how the project is coming together.
Smith has been hired by the municipality to coordinate the trail project until March of 2011, as the 20 km main walking trail is planned and laid out. In her office, on the first floor of the M.D. McEachern, she is surrounded by maps showing the proposed trail route, and she is currently reviewing the route, planning specifics, and working to obtain all necessary permissions for the trail to go through.
"Right now I'm doing route finding and meeting with land owners," says Smith. "As I've been route planning to the west, it's been really exciting. It's a very scenic part of the trail and I'm excited for the community to use it. I'm enjoying getting outside and envisioning the trail route."
Currently her focus is on the western portion of the trail through Sentinel, where the walking trail will wind along the Crowsnest River with Crowsnest Mountain as a looming backdrop.
She has been working with several private land owners in the area, including the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Canadian Pacific Railway, to secure permissions for the trail to go through. The goal, she says, is to find the route that works best for everyone involved.
In addition, the Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad will be installing two bridges to the west, one across the Crowsnest River near the end of Willow Drive, and one further west across Allison Creek, both to be used by the trail. The Quad Squad will also be replacing the bridge across Lions Creek in Blairmore, near the BMX area.
Project Manager Wade Aebli, with the Quad Squad, says that the bridge over Allison Creek will be a one-piece painted bridge, while the other two will be galvanized segmented bridges. He says that the bridges will likely be installed sometime in February, pending a couple of approvals being received.
Smith says that they are aiming to pave the trail in higher density residential areas, while the remainder of the trail will be graveled. They are looking to make the trail wheelchair-accessible through Blairmore, with the addition of access ramps onto the paved section.
... See the January 26 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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