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Quote of the Week
“While other ski areas have shrinking numbers, we have growing numbers.”
- Dave Morrison  
- on the ski hill’s success   
during tough times   


Mother Nature seems to have a grudge against ski hills this winter, offering up warm weather and little snow at numerous hills throughout western Canada, including the local Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill. Temperatures in the Crowsnest Pass have hovered around or above zero for days at a time through January, and snowfall has been relatively low, but dealing with the weather is all in a day's work for the ski hill.
Ski Hill Manager Dave Morrison says that the Powderkeg has been dealing with the weather better than can be expected, thanks to a number of factors, including his staff, their snowmaking program, and their location.
"We made a lot of snow," says Morrison, "and manmade snow holds up well to warm temperatures." In recent years the Pass Powderkeg has improved on its snowmaking abilities, allowing them to put down consistent, temperature-resistant snow across the majority of their area.
In addition, says Morrison, having a north-facing ski hill is a great benefit. The slopes get less direct sunlight through the winter, allowing both the manmade snow and the natural snow last longer and hold up better for skiing. He adds that the hill received six centimetres of snow in late January, which helped freshen things up. As of February 3, he indicated that all but two runs on the hill were open despite the unseasonably dry and warm weather.
The fact that the ski hill remains open and in relatively good condition has been a boon for local schools as well. Both Horace Allen School and Isabelle Sellon School are once again taking advantage of the Powderkeg's school program, taking weekly lessons at the hill.
Morrison says that most of their instructors are now local individuals, with a few instructors from Castle Mountain in the mix. The hill has been slowly building up greater numbers of local instructors over the last several years, he says. "As we grow, we want to be a little more self-sufficient."
... See the February 9 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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