Tuesday, February 9, 2010  
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Quote of the Week
“While other ski areas have shrinking numbers, we have growing numbers.”
- Dave Morrison  
- on the ski hill’s success   
during tough times   


The action continues fast and furious for the competitive kickboxers at the Olsen Martial Arts Club, and two more wins have been recorded for local fighters against tough competition.
The local club took part in the Showdown at Bully's competition in Lethbridge on January 30, competing in modified muay thai. Both Ben Rosner and Darnell Parker walked away with victories in these carded fights.
Due to fight scheduling issues, Rosner, who is 16 years old, was matched up with an opponent 10 lbs heavier than himself, a big difference in the world of organized fights. The local club allowed the matchup due to Rosner's greater experience –– he had been in four carded fights, while his opponent had only been in one.
Despite the weight difference, Rosner was awarded a victory by unanimous decision after three rounds.
Rosner says that he took time when the fight started to calculate his opponent's strengths and weaknesses. His heavier opponent threw hard shots, and so Rosner attempted to keep his distance with strong kicks, and clenching instead of punching when he got in close.
"I made sure I didn't rush in too much," he says. "I try to fight smart with everybody. Over the fight he gradually started to decline."
Parker, 15 years old, was evenly matched by weight with his opponent, but faced a height difference instead. His opponent was several inches taller, but also thinner. Parker won the fight by unanimous decision.
"He fought really well," says Parker. "It was definitely my best fight yet. My hardest fight."
... see the February 9 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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