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“Half the fishermen we meet out there are committing some kind of offence.”
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Facility now nearly empty, but break-in occurs
The newer section of the Crowsnest Centre is now nearly empty, and many of the things that people rented the facility to use –– including the banquet tables, the chairs, and the kitchen equipment –– have been sold to the highest bidders, most of whom were from outside the Pass.
The Crowsnest Centre Society hosted the auction on Saturday, February 6 at the Centre. The Society was required to liquidate their assets in order to pay off their remaining debts. They gave the municipality the first chance to purchase the assets, but the municipality declined.
More than 300 people are estimated to have attended the day-long auction. Items available included tables, chairs, desks, office furniture, kitchen equipment, beds, and more –– all of the assets the society obtained over the Centre’s two decades as a public facility.
“I think the auction was a success,” says Lisa Sygutek, chairperson of the Centre Society.
She says that the big items went for their anticipated price or a little better, while some of the smaller items did not go for as much as they would have liked. She says that they do not have a final count available yet, but that she feels on the whole they did well.
Buyers came from throughout Alberta, and as far east as Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Sygutek says that most of the items that sold went to people outside of our community, with a large number of items going to Pincher Creek.
Not every item sold –– she says that some beds and some desks still remain. Since council gave the society 60 days to liquidate their assets, they have until March 15.
Until that time, the society will still sell these additional assets if anyone is interested in purchasing them.
“Pretty much it’s just a shell of a building now,” says Sygutek.
Shortly after the auction, the Centre was the victim of a break and enter. The break-in likely occurred the night of Tuesday, February 9. According to the RCMP, entry was gained through a back door, and a barbecue and catering equipment was missing from the building. None of the auction-purchased items are known to have been taken.
With the auction finished, Sygutek says that the society hopes to take a break and figure out what to do next. “This has been such a physically and emotionally draining experience,” she says. “We’re all pretty tired.”
The Pass Herald asked the municipality if any arrangements were being made for other groups that typically use the facility this time of year, such as the music festival, but the call was not returned before this paper’s deadline. In addition, it is unknown what the municipality plans to do with people who need to leave their homes during a disaster, as has happened three times in the facility’s 20-year history.
Each time –– during the floods in 1995, the Lost Creek Fire in 2003, and the snowstorm and power outage in 2005 –– residents were accommodated at the Centre until the disaster passed.
The building has also numerous times been called upon to house individuals stranded in the Pass during road closures, after local hotels filled up.
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   Volume 80 - Issue 7 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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