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Current coordinator stepping down for 2010
The Rum Runner Days weekend is the biggest weekend of the year in Crowsnest Pass, bringing people to the community, promoting the Pass throughout Alberta, and stimulating the local economy. This year, the community needs new people to step forward and fill different organizational roles to make the event possible.
Marion Vanoni, who has been involved with the organization of Rum Runner Days since the 1980s and who works as Director of Finance for the municipality, is stepping down as coordinator in 2010. “I will not be able to do Rum Runner Days this year,” she says, citing personal and work-related commitments that require her time.
Vanoni says that many things are already in place for this year, and numerous processes and partnerships already exist. No reinvention of the wheel is needed, she says, simply people to step forward into organizational roles. Things such as the Chevelles, clowns, and the show ‘n shine are already booked.
Anyone willing to help can take on as large or as small a role as they are able. There are several things that need to be done in order for this year’s event to go forward.
Someone is needed to take over the coordination of the parade. Invitations need to be sent out to people on an already-prepared list, use available funds to buy ribbons and prizes, and work with Rescue, the Quad Squad, and Public Works to ensure the parade is successful.
Someone is also needed to oversee the activities at Gazebo Park. This involves working with vendors and getting tents set up.
There are infrastructure needs that must be coordinated as well. Someone is needed to work with the municipality to ensure garbage receptacles and portable toilets are in place. A community group must be worked with to clean garbage in hot spot areas the next day. Someone is needed to coordinate the creation of a brochure and a website. Fundraising efforts need to be worked on, and coordination must occur with the health and liquor inspectors for the weekend.
Other parts of the weekend are being taken up by people already. The Blairmore Fire Department will be in charge of camping, and are looking for someone to organize it. Paula and Dennis Brazzoni are heading up the show ‘n shine event, and are seeking volunteers to help with registration, parking, and the selling of t-shirts.
People can take up whichever role they want in order to help the event happen. “I have the information that can be passed to them,” says Vanoni. “There are processes in place. You don’t have to be an expert at any of this.”
She says that she will be available to assist with organization, but that she simply does not have the time to organize the entire event this year.
Vanoni says that people should get involved right away, as things must be in place well before the event. Anyone who is interested or who would like more information is encouraged to call her at home, at 403-562-8309, and leave a message if she is not home.
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