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After disputes in 2009 between council and Spray Lake Sawmills, which led to meetings and discussions into 2010, a new five-year road use agreement is being agreed upon between the two groups. The agreement will grant Spray Lake the use of McGillivray Road, Atlas Road, and Tecumseh Road for the purpose of hauling harvested timber.
Much of the discussion between the two parties reportedly revolved around the use of McGillivray Road, which Spray Lake wants to use within the next year for a log haul. An estimated 1100 logging truck trips are expected to take place on the road between 2010 and 2015, when the agreement expires.
According to the agreement, the haul should occur during the months of December through March. If hauling occurs during other months, extra dust suppression may be required at the contractor’s expense. Logging trucks are to operate at speeds no greater than 30 km per hour.
Hauling times are to be scheduled around school bus times, according to the agreement, unless the school division agrees to have radios installed in the busses to allow communication between them and logging trucks.
Spray Lake has committed to provide the municipality with a one-time $20,000 fee to be applied toward road maintenance or dust suppression on the road.
Public Works Superintendent Ray Mahieux told council that if dust suppression measures are applied to the entire length of the road, from the highway to roughly 250 metres past the furthest residence, the cost would come in at $23,200. He suggested that Spray Lake may be willing to increase their contribution to cover this additional cost.
Alternatively, he reported, the work could be done within the $20,000 budget if sections between residences are skipped. This would lead to a reduction of 500 metres in the total length of road that is treated.
Council voted unanimously to proceed with the more thorough and expensive of these two options, subject to Spray Lake agreeing to cover the additional $3200 cost.
The dust suppression measures would be applied after the hauling was finished, presumably in the spring of 2011. To apply the dust suppression beforehand and then rejuvenate the road afterward would cost an additional $10,000, according to Mahieux’s report.
With the hauling occurring in the winter months, this is expected to drastically reduce the amount of dust on the road during the haul, though it is also expected to have an effect on snowmobile recreation in that area.
The agreement indicates that it is the contractor’s responsibility to maintain the road in a safe and passable state while they are using it, covering such costs as are needed proportionate to the contractor’s use of the road.
Similar guidelines are in place for the other two roads in the agreement. An estimated 1000 logging truck trips are to take place on Atlas Road over the next five years, while 300 trips are estimated for Tecumseh Road. Again, maintenance of the roads, if required, is to come at the contractor’s expense.
The agreement does not require a bond or financial guarantee, but states that by signing the agreement, Spray Lake acknowledges their responsibility to pay for all repairs that are needed as a result of their use, to the satisfaction of the municipality.
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   Volume 80 - Issue 11 Website:www.passherald.ca   email: passherald@shaw.ca   $1.00   
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