Tuesday, March 30, 2010  
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Quote of the Week
“This is just absolutely scary as a result of our linear assessment.”
- Marion Vanoni  
- on the municipality’s new   
budget crisis   


With the date for finalizing 2010 municipal taxes approaching, council has been faced with a fresh dilemma that is likely going to see further cuts to a budget, cuts that could potentially affect municipal services or workforce.
This year's linear assessment, which is the assessed value of items such as power lines, gas lines, and telecommunication systems in the Pass, has come in much lower than in 2009, as reported recently by the Herald. Combined with a decrease in residential assessment, rail line assessment, and other areas of assessment, the municipality is faced with a decrease of $12.8 million in taxable assessment.
What this means is that in order to raise the same amount of tax money as last year, taxes would have to increase more than the three percent that council has aimed for. The only other option, which is being considered by council now, is to make further cuts to the budget itself.
Director of Finance Marion Vanoni told council on Tuesday, March 23, that the decrease in the assessment base is a major problem for the municipality's taxation process. Council has been hoping to set a mill rate for this year's taxes as early as April 6.
Vanoni told council that raising the money currently in the budget, while keeping a three percent tax increase on residential properties, would require an 11-and-a-half percent increase to non-residential taxes –– which would include local businesses.
Keeping non-residential taxes to a similar three percent increase, while also meeting Councillor Dean Ward's stated goal of a $250,000 surplus in order to replenish diminishing reserves, will require significant cuts to the approved 2010 budget.
... See the March 30 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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