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“We’re looking for people who want to make a difference.”
- Juran Greene  
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Transition period taking place to turn ambulance
service over to province
As of April 1, 2010, one year after the Crowsnest Pass EMS became contracted to the province, official notice was given that the local ambulance service will be divested with Alberta Health Services (AHS), putting the service under the direct management of the province.
Troy Linderman, Director of Crowsnest Pass EMS, says that he intends to turn his ambulance service over to AHS by October 1, 2010, or possibly earlier.
"Moving forward," he says, "I believe transitioning to Alberta Health Services will be beneficial for the community and our employees. Residents may notice slight changes but they can be assured there will be no decrease in the current level of ambulance service, and no immediate changes in the current operations implemented by Crowsnest Pass EMS."
Linderman says that he has spent time evaluating what is best for the community and his employees, and that turning the operation over to AHS made the most sense at this time. He notes that the last year, when the company was under contract with AHS, also went well. "The contract has been good for the community and for myself as a company," he says.
Over the next six months, he says, or less if things proceed more quickly, he will be staying in his current position and working with AHS to help the transition occur smoothly. "I'll be working with Alberta Health Services to transition operations over to them," he says.
Linderman assures residents that they will continue to have uninterrupted ambulance service throughout the process and in the future. He says that he is confident the community will still have a high quality ambulance service.
Crowsnest Pass EMS has been serving the Crowsnest Pass for the past 15 years. For most of these years the company was contracted by the municipality, and for the last year it has been contracted by Alberta Health Services.
What's next for Troy Linderman? "I guess I'll have some decisions to make about what I want to be when I grow up," he jokes.
Details about how the divestiture will take place, including specifics of equipment and employees, have not yet been set in stone, but Linderman says that he will work with AHS to ensure the best possible result, and ensure the continuance of quality ambulance service for the Crowsnest Pass.
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