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Quote of the Week
“We’re looking for people who want to make a difference.”
- Juran Greene  
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In the wake of the news that the municipality would not be able to raise as much in taxes as it had anticipated without increasing taxes more than council's desired three percent, cuts to the 2010 budget are in the cards.
At a special budget meeting held Monday, March 29, Chief Administrative Officer Gordon Lundy, at council's request, brought forward a list of suggested budget cuts. Council wanted to cut enough to have a $250,000 surplus in this year's budget, so that money can be put back into reserves that have dwindled in the last few years. Council also wished to keep tax increases at three percent for 2010. In order to accomplish this, a total of approximately $190,000 needed to be cut from the approved 2010 budget.
Lundy's proposed list of cuts included several items, the most prominent of which were changes to insurance levels on three municipal facilities. Reducing the insurance on the Crowsnest Centre, the Albert Stella Memorial Arena, and the M.D. McEachern to demolition-only insurance would save a total of $53,000 in the budget.
Lundy said that even if any of these facilities were to be destroyed, the municipality would not replace them exactly as they are today. All three buildings are old, and in the case of the Centre and the MDM, were constructed for purposes other than those the municipality has used them for.
Also on the chopping block were two items that depend on legal matters with Lethbridge College, regarding the Chinook Educational Consortium, to come to a relatively swift conclusion. The municipality is in discussions with Lethbridge College to move the Consortium into the second floor of the MDM.
If that transition happens, the municipality could save $31,000 by cutting utilities and personnel expenses from the Centre's budget, and a further $35,000 by reducing the budget for Centre-related legal costs.
Lundy also proposed that at least $5000 could be saved due to other communities participating in the planned council orientation session this fall, and thus sharing the costs. He said that $10,000 could be cut from Public Works due to a cost that should be funded from land sales, and that $18,000 could be cut from the sanitary sewer system budget due to the municipality receiving a larger MSI grant than expected.
He also proposed canceling planned municipal float maintenance this year, and setting aside the completion of the Bellevue cemetery expansion until 2011. He also listed the possibility of delaying money to the ski hill for the construction of a new snow gun.
... See the April 6 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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