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Quote of the Week
“You’re rezoning a piece of land that I think is critical to wildlife.”
- Ross MacDonald  
- on rezoning land for   
an RV park   


A renewed plea for extended angle parking to the west on main street Blairmore was officially turned down by council at their April 6 meeting.
In early March, a request from Loreena Russomanno, of Crowsnest Property Management, was received by council. She requested, on behalf of building owners in the area of Extra Foods to 123rd Street, that angle parking be implemented on the north side of main street so that more vehicles could park in front of businesses there. Council, at that time, briefly discussed and dismissed the idea.
Russomanno sent a second appeal to council, urging them to reconsider, saying that increased street parking would be very beneficial to businesses along that stretch of main street.
"The lack of parking in this area deters businesses from opening in this area," she wrote, "as well as customers from shopping here. Although parking may seem like a trivial issue, this is an important economic decision that can help this part of town grow and prosper".
Public Works Superintendent Ray Mahieux provided some figures and measurements for council. He reported that Lethbridge zoning bylaws for angle parking specify a 3.6 metre wide traveling lane and a 7.3 metre parking area.
In the Pass, the current angle parking area on main street has a 3.7 metre traveling lane and a 6.8 metre parking area, for a total width of 10.5 metres on the north side of the centre line. He said that vehicles often cross or nearly cross the centre line when they back out from an angle parking spot, and that anything less than 10.5 metres would not allow for safe angle parking.
In the area under discussion, he reported, the distance from centre line to curb narrows to 8.7 metres. If 3.7 metres remains for driving, he said, there would only be five metres for parking, which would be too short for many vehicles.
In her letter, Russomanno also suggested eliminating the parallel parking on the south side of the street in that area. She said that businesses on that side of the street have their own parking lots, so the street parking could be eliminated to make more room on the north side for angle parking.
Councillor Gary Taje noted that angle parking is a hazard for bike riders, who often ride on the sidewalk instead of on the street out of concern for their safety. He said that cars often don't look for bike riders when they back out of angle parking spots.
Councillor David Cole made a motion to not proceed with any extended angle parking. The motion passed by a 6-1 vote, Councillor John Salus opposed.
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