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Quote of the Week
“We are still not satisfied. We don’t feel we’ve been treated fairly.”
- Marilyn Rees  
- on plans at the MDM   


With the planned integration of user groups from the Crowsnest Centre into the MDM facility, the Community Services Department has been working out the planned new organization of the building. Community Services Director Cam Mertz presented the plans to council at their meeting on Tuesday, April 20.
Mertz said that the department has been working with Lethbridge College on plans to move the educational consortium from the Centre to the MDM. Lethbridge College has several requirements that the municipality plans to meet if a letter of intent or agreement can be signed.
The college will occupy 4340 square feet on the second floor of the building, and have identified renovations needed to accommodate them. Mertz said that two classrooms will be turned into four spaces. In addition, he said, significant information technology upgrades will be needed in their space, including upgrades to the phone system in the building.
The estimated cost of these renovations was blacked out in the document provided. Mertz told the Pass Herald that the costs are only speculative right now, and that the municipality needs to negotiate an agreement with Lethbridge College before those numbers are released.
In addition, said Mertz, the college has requested that the municipality look into using the Town Rounder to transport students to the MDM. He said that he is recommending that this service be provided.
Other issues still exist at the facility, including the long-term need to upgrade windows and the air system, and the need to improve the public parking.
The Compassionate Friends, Cancer Survivors, and Alcoholics Anonymous groups will share a space on the first floor. Indoor Playground and the Toylend Library will be moving from the Centre to the former gymnastics space at the MDM. Kids Kollege, the Boys and Girls Club, Citizens on Patrol, and the library will remain in their current spaces. The Bellevue Underground Mine will rent a space on the first floor.
Mertz said that he sees the MDM as a possible future home for the Community Services Department. He said that this would decrease the crowding at the municipal office, and that he sees the space formerly occupied by Dr. Arbuckle at the front of the building as a good fit. This space is currently being used for the walking trail project and for the weed control officer.
However, Brighter Futures has expressed a strong interest in that space. They are being asked to relocate from their space on the second floor to make room for Lethbridge College. The municipality has offered them a space at the end of the hall that contains Kids Kollege and the Boys and Girls Club, and Brighter Futures has stated that they are not satisfied with being moved to that space.
... See the April 27 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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