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Quote of the Week
“We are still not satisfied. We don’t feel we’ve been treated fairly.”
- Marilyn Rees  
- on plans at the MDM   


During the budget processes of the last two years, council has made cuts to numerous areas of the budget, including 10 percent cuts to most of the non-municipal organizations it provides funds to, implementing a hiring freeze, and cutting planned new positions with the municipality.
With this in mind, Councillor Larry Mitchell brought forward a proposal on Tuesday, April 20, to cut council stipends and honorariums by five percent.
He noted that council has been cutting outside groups and other areas, as well as shutting things down to save the community money. He suggested that council should look at itself as a way to save the taxpayers money as well.
"We should also be looking for a decrease in our wages," he said.
He noted that traditionally, council waits until the end of its term and then sets the wages for the next council, but, he said, this is not a traditional year with all the cuts council has been making. He made his proposal into a formal motion.
The majority of council, however, disagreed with the idea.
Councillor David Cole said that since this was usually done in September, council should wait and set the amount for the next council rather than changing it now.
"We've already budgeted for this," he said. "I would see no harm waiting till September."
Councillor Ian Macleod put a hold on Councillor Mitchell's motion by making a motion to table the matter until September. The motion to table passed by a 5-2 vote, Councillors Mitchell and Taje opposed.
Councillors currently receives $70 per meeting, with different amounts in place for longer meetings or out-of-town trips on municipal business. A five percent reduction would set the basic meeting amount to $66.50.
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