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“I came back here to be free. I didn’t want to be treated like I was in Calgary and Lethbridge.”
- Craig Duncan  
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The two parties may not have been on the same page communication-wise, but at the end of the night they agreed to another meeting to satisfy council's desire for an explanation.
Kevin Strangway, Manager of Municipal Relations for AltaLink, appeared before council on Tuesday, May 4, after council requested that AltaLink attend to discuss some of the company's plans. Council wished to learn why AltaLink planned to possibly move its transmission line in Frank from the side of Bluff Mountain down to the valley floor, where it could interfere with the municipality's walking trail project.
Strangway said that AltaLink always tries to find the route with the lowest overall impact, which he acknowledged is easy to say but difficult to do.
When pressed by council, however, he said that he was not qualified to speak about the specific issue council was concerned with, except to say that the transmission lines on the side of Bluff Mountain are aging and are in a difficult spot to provide maintenance to.
Councillor Gary Taje, who brought the concern to council, said that the current location works well and has been maintained for many years, both by people on foot and, when necessary, via helicopter. He suggested that when AltaLink said it wants a route with the lowest impact, it might actually mean the route with the lowest cost.
"I think we deserve an answer," he said.
... See the May 11 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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