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Quote of the Week
“I came back here to be free. I didn’t want to be treated like I was in Calgary and Lethbridge.”
- Craig Duncan  
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Disagreement over how to deal with Brighter Futures
At the end of the day, council remained indecisive about how to sort out the final details of the forthcoming changes at the M.D. McEachern facility.
With Lethbridge College and the Educational Consortium potentially moving into the building's second floor, the municipality is attempting to work with Brighter Futures to relocate them to the first floor, to make room.
Community Services Director Cam Mertz wishes to relocate Brighter Futures to a space at the end of the hallway where Kids Kollege and the Boys and Girls Club are located. Brighter Futures has told council that they do not wish to move there, and instead would like to rent the office space formerly used by Dr. Arbuckle, near the building's front entrance.
Mertz told council that he is proposing to move the community services department into that space instead, moving it out of the municipal office in Coleman. He noted in a report to council that even if the proposal to move the department is rejected, that space would not be offered to Brighter Futures.
He said that the location and other considerations make that space desirable to larger organizations, and would be reserved and marketed to them. He said that the space he wishes to relocate Brighter Futures into is adjacent to other agencies providing services to children, keeping similar agencies in the same part of the building.
Councillor Gary Taje said that he feels the municipality should find a location that fits their needs, since they are being forced to leave a space they are happy with. He made a motion to that effect.
Councillor Ian MacLeod said that it should be left to administration and that council shouldn't interfere. "I don't see this as a council concern," he said.
Mayor John Irwin expressed some incredulity at this notion. "Council has been messing around with administration's duties for two and a half years already," he said, adding that he doesn't think council should just wash its hands of responsibility.
... see the May 11 issue of the Pass Herald for the full story.
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