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Quote of the Week
“People want this bylaw. This town is bad and getting worse.”
- Councillor Ian MacLeod  
- on the community   
standards bylaw   


The Community Standards bylaw has been adjusted slightly by council, after concerns raised at a well-attended public hearing. At their governance and priorities committee meeting on Tuesday, May 11, council approved a handful of small changes meant to address some of the worries raised.
Councillor Dean Ward proposed a hardship exemption clause in the bylaw. This would be a written order, to apply for a period of up to five years, exempting someone from a cleanup order for reasons of health, financial hardship, or some other form of hardship. A form would be available at the municipal office to apply for this, as part of an appeal to a cleanup order.
Councillor Ward also suggested changes to section 13 of the bylaw, which deals with automotive repairs. The adjusted section reads: "No person may conduct repair work on motor vehicles, including engine replacement, auto bodywork, frame repair, collision repair, auto painting, modifications to the body or rebuilding of a motor vehicle, on any site in a residential area unless it is completed within a structure or garage suited for the purpose and out of public view, unless such land use has been approved by a Municipal authority."
This wording deleted clauses prohibiting mechanical repairs or auto detailing on residential properties. Presumably, these could now be done outside of a garage, though the accumulation of machine parts on a property would still be disallowed.
Councillor Ward says that he feels these cover the major concerns he heard at the public hearing. He said that everyone he has spoken to has been in favour of the bylaw, or was able to agree with it once it was explained to them.
"People want this bylaw," added Councillor Ian Macleod. "This town is bad and getting worse." He said that he thinks most people will realize that they are responsible for looking after their own properties.
"The people are crying for this," said Councillor David Cole. "I'm totally going to support this next Tuesday."
The bylaw is expected to pass its final readings at the council meeting on Tuesday, May 18.
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